Tom Warburton, 20, is a student at the University of Nottingham. In November 2020, Tom is attempting a feat like no other. Tom will be attempting to become the youngest person to walk to the South Pole solo.

In November 2020 Tom is
aiming to walk from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, totally
solo, and in the process aims to become the youngest person to do
it. It’s a distance of nearly 700 miles and will take him 45 days to
complete, with him returning just in time for the new year.

Join him on this testing journey in the world’s last true frontier of exploration.

We created Team Polar Endeavour, an organisation designed to promote environmental awareness and nurture adventure. Tom and the team are visiting schools, youth groups and scouting organisations, we aim to speak to over 10,000 young people before the end of Tom’s expedition.

‘Toms expedition epitomises the great British challenge and the goal he has set is truly admirable and daring. I wish him the very best of luck for this noble adventure’

Levison Wood – Explorer and best-selling author
“Tom is impressive in that he is seeking to tackle one of the world’s most difficult endurance expeditions in the harshest of environments at such a young age. The determination shown at his age is admirable and I have no doubt he will succeed in his goal of reaching the South Pole. I wish him all the best and look forward to tracking his progress”

Jenny Davis Antarctic explorer and ultra-runner.